Imagine Peace

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06 Jul - 08 Jul 2018

Friday 6 July - Sunday 8 July
Friday 6 - 9pm - Private View
Weekend 11am - 7pm

LCC Studio, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre
Free and open to all.

Imagine Peace is a portrait exhibition by Ingrid Guyon and Antonio Amador, that celebrates Colombian women of the diaspora living in the UK and Spain. 
The piece portrays women as peace-builders and weavers of bridges between their homeland and the country where they have settled by telling their stories as migrants, community leaders, activists, role models and survivors of the armed conflict. 
Imagine Peace has given the women the opportunity to celebrate themselves and their achievements. The portraits are a testimony of their capacity for resilience and healing, and the stories that they wrote have made their voices heard and their lives visible. 
The women portrayed in this exhibition are members of the Truth, Memory and Reconciliation Commission of Colombian women in the diaspora (TMR Commission for short), and this exhibition is part of a wider project that aims to transform memories of migration and armed conflict into memories of peace, through artistic expressions of gender empowerment and self-expression. 
The TMR Commission 
The TMR Commission was founded in 2014 and has focussed its work on empowering women through the healing of traumas caused - directly and indirectly - by Colombian armed conflict, on overcoming challenges experienced throughout their migration processes, on helping them integrate with their host country, and formally documenting their experiences to contribute to Colombia’s peace process and its truth & reconciliation initiatives. 
The women part of the TMR Commission come from a wide variety of backgrounds and have left Colombia for different reasons. Some of them decided to go overseas to study, work or start a new life, while some other were victims of the armed conflict being forced to leave Colombia. 
The Photographers 
Alumni of London College of Communication (LCC), Ingrid Guyon is a French documentary photographer, filmmaker and participatory visual media practitioner based in London, with more than 10 years of experience in implementing participatory media projects within the education, museums and development sectors. She is the Founding director of Fotosynthesis, a social enterprise that specialises in participatory photography and ethical photography for NGO’s. 
Her passion for community engagement and self-representation has led her to get involved in long-term projects on migration and peace-building, and extensively work with the Latin American community in London since 2004. Achievements of her work include an audio-visual documentation of the presence of Latin American community in the area of Elephant & Castle, as well as the progressive urban, economic and social changes that will affect them. 
More recently, she has focussed on using portraits to challenge the stereotypes that society has about Colombians by documenting positive stories of resilience. 
Antonio Amador is a Colombian photographer and publicist based in Barcelona working mainly in the fashion industry. He is the co-founder of Colectivo Dinoudinou, an independent group that focussed on recovering photographic processes from the XIX century. 
Antonio has a particular interest in documentary projects with anthropological and conceptual emphases, and currently deploys all his expertise to uncover the stories of migration and resilience of Colombian women in the diaspora.
Both photographers started to work collaboratively in Barcelona with diverse Colombian women’s groups as they both have interest of creatively using photography and filmmaking as tools for peacebuilding and reconciliation, to gather memory, explore exile and make visible the untold stories not only of the Colombian conflict but also of the resilience of the Colombians in Colombia as well as in the diaspora. 


Friday 6 July - 6 - 9pm

Imagine Peace: A portrait a Colombian women in the diaspora 
by Helga Flamtersmesky and Ana Victoria Bastidas

8.30pm - Performance Soledad by Nadia Romero

 Saturday 7 July - 11am - 7pm

1 - 2pm - Women & Memory workshop led by Jael de Luz
2 - 3pm - Performance Soledad by Nadia Romero 
4 - 5pm - Tall Stories/Puro Cuento by Patricia Díaz
5 - 6pm - Performance Peace without borders by Marta Hinestroza
Sunday 8 July -  11am - 7pm

1 - 2pm - Imagining Peace - a poetry workshop led by Sonia Quintero
3 - 4pm - Women’s voices- a poetry readings (10 minutes each poet)
Sonia Quintero / Mirta Osorio / Amparo Restrepo / Bárbara López / Angélica Quintero
5 - 5.30pm - Performance Peace without borders by Marta Hinestroza
5.30 - 6.00pm - Choir by Coro Latinoamericano (TBC)