Counter Narratives

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10 Jul - 27 Aug 2018

Counter Narratives brings together recent graduates of the M ARCH: Architecture course at Central Saint Martins – Shamiso Oneka, Krishan Pilch and David Kay – and Rafael Guendelman Hales, a current student on the Situated Practice MA at The Bartlett School of Architecture. 


The exhibited works explore notions of identity through the re-making of artefacts and the re-telling of stories. Collectively, they challenge the hierarchies enshrined in dominant forms of city-making, connecting experiences of place and memory to the political conditions in which they are produced.


With a shared interest in the urban conditions of conflict, colonialism and gentrification, these emerging practitioners investigate how the city creates multiple sub-territories and the ways in which  we currently navigate these spaces as individuals and as groups. Fluctuating between realities and possible futures, they offer Counter Narratives.