CVs and Job Hunting - Chelsea

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06 Jun 2018

12.30pm to 2pm

This workshop is an overview of how you can begin crafting your CV for best impact. It also covers how to plan your job hunt to make the most of your time and efforts.
The workshop aims to:
  • Outline CV formalities and show you how to tailor yours for specific opportunities.
  • Demystify CV vocabulary, structure and style
  • Explore approaches to writing cover letters
  • Give you tips and tools to assist with job hunting
  • Identify strategies for using social media
  • Introduce valuable features on professional networking sites
  • Show you how to analyse a job description
By the end of the session you will have: 
  • Learnt how to present your key skills and experiences in a CV format
  • Analysed job descriptions and job ads to understand employers perspectives
  • Understood how to research and apply your learning to create tailored CVs
  • Appreciated how to effectively plan your job search
There will be time for questions during the workshop and further resources will be signposted throughout. This session is the first of three in our Employability Series of workshops: CareerLab, CVs and Job Hunting and Interview Skills
The session will be led and facilitated by: Hannah Breslin, Employability Practitioner (Camberwell and Chelsea) and is organised by the Careers and Employability team.
This event is open to ALL students and graduates from ALL UAL colleges.