One Size Fits None

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29 Jun 2018

6pm to 9pm

Friday 29 June 
6 - 9pm
LCC Studio, Elephant and Castle Shopping Centre 
Tickets can be booked on a donations basis via Eventbrite

This Happened is a series of talks focusing on the stories behind interaction design and technology. By delving into their own personal experiences, speakers from different backgrounds identify obstacles which have informed their practices overtime.
About the event:
What is broken? Who and what could become the drivers of change in a society that still struggles to cater for disability?
The 28th instalment of This Happened London will present experiences of designers, artists and curators who are breaking ground with works tackling assumptions and exclusivity within creative fields. Throughout the evening, our focus will be shifting back and forth between personal stories, how assumptions may inhibit the creative process, and designing for specific abilities can restrict solutions. Speakers will explore how the contexts their practices are in relate to ongoing societal challenges, as well as how their work either contributes to or challenges wider systems and networks.
One Size Fits None will aim to highlight the importance of inclusivity in fields such as art, design, technology and fashion. Our speakers will be invited to question the reasons behind their work, the events that led them to take the path of inclusivity. How does one design, create for and/or with disability, what is the process behind each project, and most of all, what are the right questions to ask? How to understand what is truly needed to fight discrimination and exclusion and, once a goal is established, how does one recognise when something can work?
The confirmed list of speakers will be announced shortly.