UAL Digital Edge

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27 Jun 2018

10am to 7pm

UAL Digital Edge is a free celebration of innovative digital practices and thinking from around the university. Hosted by Fred Deakin (Professor of Interactive Digital Art) and David White (Head of Digital Learning) the event will be a showcase the best of UAL digital activity for an audience from across UAL and the creative industries. Digital Edge is a chance to learn, play and network.
What will I learn:
You will find out about exciting digital projects and emerging forms of digital practice including, for example, 3D printing, games design, CGI and visual effects, digital & fine art, using Social Media in teaching, digital research, digital culture and so on... Most importantly you will be able to connect with people from UAL and beyond who are at the leading edge of creative digital.
Some of the sessions will be talks and some will be hands-on.
Who should attend:

Anyone from UAL, the creative industries or beyond.
This event is free to attend and lunch is included.



10:00    Introduction: what puts UAL at the Digital Edge?, David White 


10:15     Introducing The Feminist Internet, Charlotte Webb

10:30     Feeling Digital, Daniel Caulfield-Srikkad

10:45     Technoparticipation, Lee Campbell 

11:00     UAL Futures, Luke Whitehead

11:15     Designing the Future, Introduced by Fred Deakin 

11:30     BREAK 


12:00     Digital Maker Collective

12:15     Feminist Alexa, Feminist Internet 

12:30     New Realities, Damien Borowik 

12:45    Talent Works, Matt Guy  

13:00    Future Collaborators, Introduced by Fred Deakin 

13:15    LUNCH 


14:15    Introduction, Professor Frances Corner OBE

14:30    What does our digital future look like?, Professor Fred Deakin 

14:45    Art and design in advancing internet equalities, Feminist Internet 

15:00    Death Masks for a Digital Era, Kirk Rutter & Ninja Evangelista 

15:15    Sound and Vision, Dimitrios Coumados

15:30    BREAK

16:00    HoloLens, Peter Hill 

16:15    Art Works, Digital Maker Collective 

16:30    The GDC Makerspace

16:45    CSM Surface Design Lab and Photogrammetry Capture Lab


19:00    EVENT CLOSE 


UAL Degree Show Projects 
Maria Than, Fruit Piano 
Digital Maker Collective, Virtual Reality 
Zara Burton, Re-mapping Project 
Digital Learning Lab 
CSM Surface Design Lab
LCF Digital Learning Lab
The GCD Makerspace
& more TBC 

DIGITAL EDGE_Hosts and Speakers

Frances Corner OBE, Head of College at London College of Fashion and Professor of Art and Design Education
Professor Frances Corner has been Head of College at London College of Fashion since October 2005. She was previously Head of the Sir John Cass Department of Art, Media and Design at London Metropolitan University and has over 20 years experience within the Higher Education sector on both a national and international level.

Fred Deakin, Professor of Digital Arts 
Fred was previously co-founder and director of ground breaking London digital design agency Airside. As half of the band Lemon Jelly, he has sold over half a million albums and is a Mercury and Brit Award nominated artist. His work at UAL focuses on seeding agile collaborative practice and he has a new science-fiction concept album out this autumn.​

David White, Head of Digital Learning 
David researches online learning practices in both informal and formal contexts. He has led and been an expert consultant on numerous studies on the use of technology for learning in the UK higher education sector and is the originator of the ‘Visitors and Residents’ paradigm which describes how individuals engage online. 

Lucy Barber 
Producer & Event Manager

Abbie Freeman
Graphic Design

Molly Gavriel
Curation & Communications 

Swann El Mokkeddem 
Filming & Photography


Damien Borowik 
Damien Borowik is a French artist based in London, UK. In his work, he explores the use of technology in the art of making and subsequent creative processes.

Lee Campbell 
Dr Lee Campbell is an artist and academic. His practice plays with the parameters of contemporary art and seeks to theorise, articulate and demonstrate how we may construct meaning between politics of space and the politics of artist/performer/protagonist articulated through visual and verbal languages. 

Georgina Capdevila 
Georgina is a London-based Creative Producer from Barcelona, working at the intersection of creativity, society, education, and technology. She's always been driven towards empowering young people and inspiring women. To date, she's made that happen by producing cultural and learning projects such as UAL Futures, Feminist Internet and FIU Barcelona.

Daniel Caulfield-Srikkad
Daniel Caulfield-Sriklad is a London-based practitioner and lecturer with multidisciplinary experience in physical and digital communication design within the cultural and creative industries. Caulfield-Srikkad presents Feeling Digital, a project led by London College of Fashion which explores future digital experience and realities through knowledge exchange between students, industry experts and academics.

Dimitrios Coumados
Digital Designer and London College of Fashion Technician Dimitrios Coumados presents a showcase of innovative digital technologies used to create responsive media experiences.

CSM Surface Design Lab and Photogrammetry Capture Lab
CSM Surface Design Lab and Photogrammetry Capture Lab work across a range of digital design practices, including digital textiles, 3D photogrammetry digitization and Virtual Reality. Working together we can see how a transdisciplinary exchange between two digital working labs combine practices. At Digital Edge, The Labs will bring together a small group of artists, digital technicians, and CSM alumni to showcase how advanced digital media and emerging computational systems inform CSM working environments and innovation.

Digital Maker Collective
The Digital Maker Collective are an open group of University of the Arts staff, students, alumni who share common goals of exploring digital & emerging technologies in the context of arts, education, society and the creative industries.

Ninja Evangelista & Kirk Rutter 
Since the Middle Ages, wax Death Masks have been used to cast and preserve images of the deceased, commonly as a form of portraiture. Rutter & Evangelist’s project, Death Masks for a Digital Era, explores the history and tradition around death masks using Autodesk CAD software and digital fabrication to create living death masks designs for jewellery.

The GDC Makerspace
Students from the Graphic Communication Design Makerspace present emerging projects from the makerspace, a new collaborative workspace within GCD Studies for making, learning, exploring and sharing that uses high-tech to no-tech tools.

Matt Guy  
Matt Guy is a Partnership Manager leading social and commercial innovation projects at London College of Communication. At LCC, Matt creates and pilots externally funded social innovation projects to solve problems for LCC's local community and students with a focus on promoting diversity in the creative industry and opportunities for everyone.

Peter Hill 
Technical Manager 3D, Digital and Material Science at London College of Fashion. Peter presents the activities of the Digital Learning Lab at LCF.  His talk will have a focus on LCF’s recent collaboration with Microsoft and the Fashion Innovation Agency Students from across LCF were invited to submit proposals to develop projects around AI, IoT and Mixed Reality, with additional hardware and service provided by Microsoft.

UAL Futures
UAL Futures mission is to inspire and support digital creativity at UAL. The Futures' Studio challenges students to push the boundaries of digital innovation, and connects students to the digital capabilities they need to thrive in a connected future.

Elvia Vasconcelos
Elvia Vasconcelos is a design researcher whose work critically engages with the impact of technology in real life. Elvia's work uses speculative and fiction design tools to tell alternative stories about technologies through the lenses of communities that sit outside tech narratives. By doing so, she wishes to expose heteronormative and discriminatory biases embedded in technology, thus creating narratives that challenge present structures of power and call for alternative and fairer futures.,

Charlotte Webb
Dr Charlotte Webb is Chief Leopard of the Feminist Internet. Her work focuses on advancing internet equalities and feminisms for women and other marginalised
 groups. Charlotte has 11 years' experience working in art and design higher education, including curriculum design and delivery, institutional research and educational development. Described as a 'deviant academic', her PhD was a creative exploration of how
 the internet has impacted on artistic authorship and cultural production.