Do Your Research

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27 Jun 2018

6.30pm to 8pm

If you’re thinking of doing a PhD, this is a great opportunity to meet and chat to potential PhD supervisors. More information on our research degrees can be found here:
Find out more about the Graduate School, which supports Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon students, here:
Supervisors in attendance will be:
Dan Smith 
Dave Beech
Edwina fitzPatrick  
Jane Collins
Jeffrey Dennis
Jennet Thomas
Jozefina Komporaly
Kelly Chorpening    
Malcolm Quinn
Mo Throp  
Morna Laing
Sheena Calvert
Sigune Hamann      
Stephen Wilson      
Timothy O'Riley
Please Note: the CCW, CSM, LCC and LCF UAL PhD Open Evenings will be taking place between 9th – 17th October 2018.  Full details will be available in due course.