Participatory Action Research with Dr Noemi Sadowska

Paint pots and spatula

13 Jun 2018

3pm to 5pm

In Participatory Action Research (PAR) researchers and participants collaborate in defining the research problem, choosing an appropriate methodology and way of doing data analysis and disseminating the findings, with a view of co-constructing knowledge (Savoie-Zajc & Descamps-Bednarz, 2007).

In the educational context Cunningham (2008) asserts that ‘… [participatory] action research gives us an iterative, systematic, analytic way to reflect on what we are doing in class, to evaluate our success at achieving our classroom goals, and to chart the direction of future classroom strategies based on what we have learned’ (p. 1).

From this starting point, the session explores the historically situated definitions of PAR and the benefits and challenges as methodological choice for conducting research. Consideration is also given to how pedagogic research following PAR methodology can improve the quality and effectiveness of one’s own teaching practices, understanding of those practices, and the classroom situations and experiences such practices engendered. 

This interactive session will incorporate presentation, discussion and a collaborative task.

Cunningham B.M. (2008) Using action research to improve learning and the classroom learning environment. Issues in Accounting Education. 23(1), pp.1-30.

Savoie-Zajc, L. and Descamps-Bednarz N. (2007) Action research and collaborative research: Their specific contributions to professional development. Educational Action Research, 15(4), pp.577-596.

Who can attend?
The seminar is open to all UAL staff and postgraduate students with an interest in educational research. It is part of the Research Methods Seminar Series 2018, programmed by the Teaching and Learning Exchange. This series is organised for postgraduate students on the MA Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication, but all UAL staff are welcome to attend.

Session Leader 
Dr Noemi Sadowska’s career commenced as a designer in an agency in Germany followed by launching of her own design studio in London. Currently, she is Programme Director of Branding and Design Innovation programme in the Design School at LCC. Noemi’s research focuses on explorations of how learners manage risk and change in their learning experiences and what strategies can be developed through design thinking to tackle occurring shifts in their ownership of the learning. Her work has been published as part of 01.AKAD, Sweden; Handbook of Research on Social Interaction Technologies and Collaboration Software: Concepts and Trends, UK, the Encyclopedia of Gender and Information Technology, USA and most recently in The Design Journal, UK.