Narrative Inquiry, with Professor Sheila Trahar

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09 May 2018

3pm to 5pm

Narrative inquiry is a form of qualitative research that presupposes that we understand and give meaning to our lives through story. The overall aim of this session is to introduce participants to the key principles and practices of this methodological approach and to consider its relevance for their own research.
  • We will consider the philosophical underpinnings of narrative inquiry, attending to the ways in which a story is constructed, for whom and why, and the cultural discourses that it draws upon.
  • Ways of gathering, ‘analysing’ and re-presenting narrative ‘data’ will be explained, as will the role of the researcher, which is significant in this methodological approach.
  • Examples from higher education research will be given to enable participants to explore the responsibility that narrative inquirers have to pay attention to how knowledge is constructed, shared and understood in local contexts.

Who can attend?
The seminar is open to all UAL staff and postgraduate students with an interest in educational research.
It is part of the Research Methods Seminar Series 2018, programmed by the Teaching and Learning Exchange. This series is organised for postgraduate students on the MA Academic Practice in Art, Design and Communication, but all are welcome to attend.

Session Leader 
Sheila Trahar is Professor of International Higher Education, School of Education, University of Bristol. The integration of the two interdependent concepts of internationalisation of higher education and of social justice in higher education is the focus of her intellectual scholarship and her work continues to be innovative in the field for its use of narrative inquiry and autoethnography.

Sheila is currently a co-investigator on the ESRC/Newton Fund Southern African Rurality into Higher Education (SARiHE) project that is investigating, with 3 South African universities, the transition of students from deep rural areas of South Africa into higher education. Methodologically, the project is informed by principles and practices of narrative inquiry.

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