Pedagogy Reading Group

Woman in library

30 May 2018

1pm to 2pm

Calling all UAL staff and post-graduate students! Join us to discuss pedagogic concerns relevant to an Arts University.  
Last year the group discussed, amongst others, papers on ‘queer pedagogy’, ‘failure’ and ‘employability.’

What will I learn?
These sessions are an opportunity for staff and students to celebrate and critique practice, imagine alternative pedagogies and engage with difficult territories in ways that are mutually enlightening.  

Book a place
Please use the form below to book a place.  There is usually one reading each month during term, discussed at one evening and one lunchtime session so that you can choose the time that is convenient for you.  

See all currently scheduled sessions.​

Choice of readings
Some readings have been selected, but you are invited to put forward ideas for future sessions. 

May Reading Group text for discussion

Morra, Joanne (2017) ‘On Use: Art Education and Psychoanalysis’, Journal of Visual Culture 16, 1 pp. 56-73

If you are on a UAL campus computer, this is downloadable from: