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30 May 2018

4pm to 5.30pm

Do you create drawings or designs but aren’t sure how to turn them into products that can be used or sold? Want to improve your understanding of how to make your product (in multiples), where to sell it and how much for?
This event will focus on how you can develop your idea into a product that could be retailed in a shop. Using objects in not just a shop as case studies (all created by UAL alumni), we’ll explore the key stages that the designers went through to transform their concepts into developed product ranges.
The journey from idea to retail often takes the designer through making solutions, the development of a brand, and market testing; all essential stages to help them to develop a range of products and a compelling story to market them.
You’ll pick up top tips on: manufacturing, costing, pricing and branding for beginners. You’ll also get the chance to find out more about selling your work in not just a shop.

With Emma Thatcher, Enterprise Practitioner, UAL