David Cross: Words Fail Me

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17 May 2018

2pm to 4pm

How might we approach our material choices and actions in relation to reading and writing, speaking and listening? In making things, we might change our environment and perhaps transform ourselves. So can the things we make exist just as themselves, or is their meaning always produced through the interplay of signs within codes?
Moving between the general and the specific, the abstract and the concrete, our conversation could engage with your practice, if you like. Reading excerpts of texts by Gregory Bateson, Fritjof Capra and Félix Guattari, we will consider ‘systems thinking’, ‘ecological literacy’ and ‘ecosophy’ as ways to approach the relationship of material practices to ideas and values at a time of great change.
As stimuli for discussion, David will bring a selection of objects — some of which are enigmatic material fragments, others are coded elements of systems. Each object invites reflection on the desire to change the world, or the patience to leave it be.

This event is part of the Camberwell Space exhibition On the Way to Language
This event is free, and open to all.
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Image credit: David Cross