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27 Apr - 16 Sep 2018

What can you say in print over, under and between the official lines?

OVERPR!NT is a reflexion – retrospective and prospective, multiple and contradictory – on the relevance and liveliness of print techniques in the articulation and diffusion of rebellious and/or parallel ways of thinking.

This three-month exhibition will involve workshops, master classes and performances with a particular emphasis on creating a dialogue with the inhabitants of La Louvière. 

Participating institutions:

  • Central Saint Martins London
  • Ecole National des Arts Visuels de la Cambre, Bruxelles
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles
  • Koninklijke Academie Antwerpen
  • HGB Leipzig
  • PrintRoom Rotterdam
  • Koninklijke Academie Den Haag


OVERPR!NT is three exhibitions in one :

  • A selection of printed artworks from the collection of the Centre de la Gravure (Alechinsky, Rauschenberg, Barbara Kruger, Kiki Smith and many more), confronted with young printmakers’ creations, some of them especially conceived for OVERPR!NT.
  • A focus on the art of Leigh Clarke, a British artist and printmaker who likes to use print as a means for counter-information. His work aims at unknotting prejudice by creating links between individual citizens and bridges between communities.
  • An organic, unstable and moving exhibition. The central part of the exhibition space will be devoted to performance, action and in-situ production. Simultaneously transformed into a laboratory, a print workshop, a young artists’ cooperative and a meeting place, the museum will channel the urgency of present times. The public will be invited to witness the live production of printed artefacts (posters, gazettes, …) ; to participate in the burgeoning of a hybrid, multi-faceted and un-normed thinking ; to activate and agitate ; to put its imprint and OVERPR!NT… 


OVERPR!NT is also the fruit of years of cooperation between some of Europe’s top art schools, members of the Printmaking Union. The constant flux of exchanges allows the emergence of a non-uniform thinking and creation. In the days of Brexit, for example, the persistence and deepening of a dialogue between London and Brussels students helps dispel the traps of isolation.

The Printmaking Union’s students and alumnis play an active role in OVERPR!NT, joining forces to conceive artworks, editions and performances, and finding ways to create a solid bond with the public and the surrounding city. They embody the open and prospective side of OVERPR!NT.