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27 Apr - 16 Sep 2018

Editions as seditions, prints as means of counter-information. From pamphlets to samizdats, to posters and the clandestine press, the history of print is one of the diffusion of ideas and images. It is therefore logical that print becomes a vehicle of rebellion and sedition.


Discover the works go students and alumni from Antwerp, Brussels, The Hague, Leipzig and London: 

MA Fine Art at Central Saint Martins | Printmaking at Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Antwerp | Printmaking at La Cambre, Brussels | R&D Royal Academy of Art, The Hague | Printmaking at Hochschule fuel Grafik und Buchkunst, Leipzig

OVERPR!NT is the fruit of labour of years of co-operation between some of Europe’s top art schools, all members of The Printmaking Union. The constant flux of exchange allow the emergence of non-uniform thinking and creation. In the days of Brexit, the persistence of deepening of the dialogue between students of London and Brussels help dispel the restraints of isolation.

Students and alumni of The Printmaking Union play an active role in OVERPR!NT, coming together to conceive artworks, editions and performances that point the way in establishing a solid bond with the public and the surrounding city of La Louvière. They represent the open and prospective side of OVERPR!NT.

The artists’ ambition is not to impose their world-view on others, but rather articulate open propositions through forging links with the city, its history, its residents and their personal stories. Ink and Link - with the language of print, what matters is entering real dialogues that are deep and sincere. Resisting any colonial temptations, this is how we can open up the establishment and experiment.