MA Performance Design and Practice Final Shows

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20 Apr - 25 May 2018

A season of devised performances by final year MA Performance Design and Practice students. All forms of performance are embraced from spoken drama to immersive forms, live and installation Art. All performances are student led and all free. 

Some performances require booking, view the schedule and ticketing information below**.

**Please note that these shows may contain elements that are not suitable for all audiences, such as Strobe lights, strong language, nudity or violence. More information will be provided shortly

Friday 20 April, 5 - 7.30pm | White Lab

#JEROMELESFLEURS - do whatever just to stay alive by Jeroen Bloemen (durational performance)
This is a free drop-in event there's no need to book a ticket. Please note admittance will be on a first come first served basis.

Friday 20 April, 7.30pm | Studio Theatre
HALO by Arkadiusz Spiewak

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We were all left by OUR FATHERs.Mark, an orphan who was left to discover the bitterness of life by himself, invites us to see his controversial installation piece in which he poured all his frenzied energy.HALO is a contemporary adaptation of Lord’s Byron classic, Cain: the Mystery. With the use of mix media, the piece places set design as the inception into storytelling.

Created in collaboration with a poet and writer David Erdos, HALO explores the idea of “a play within a play” and the use of opposite acting methodologies. 

Monday 23 April, 7pm | White Lab
Quagmire by Leslie Yao

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1. An area of soft, wet ground that you sink into if you try to walk on it.

2.A difficult and dangerous situation.
Life relies on sunlight. Living in London is like walking on the quagmire. Or, a long deep hibernation, the pupae remain dormant and curled up in the soil until they emerge as adult moths. A personal approach to position the human body in the natural landscapes, and the re-locate from the social reality into some specific realities.

Wednesday 25 April, 7pm and 7.30pm | Black Lab
God Save The Tea by Marja-Lisa Hedenquist and Irene Ros

with Laura Hopwood, Tommy Papaioannou and Leslie Yan. Original music by Lucas Franco Jordan
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It is your moral obligation to attend this upcoming summit where we will discuss policies that are meant to improve quality of life, such as outsourcing, free trade and cultural exchange. Inspired by benevolent peacekeeping missions in third-world conflict zones, we want to draw up new policies to encourage a cohesive society, based on solid values and established traditions. Free admission means that you cannot use the excuse that you’re unemployed. Attendance is strictly regulated to ensure a cordial atmosphere and to protect free speech. Your presence may be recorded for training and quality purposes.

Wednesday 25 April, 8pm | Studio Theatre 
A Pair of Scissors by Anru Zhao
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It is almost certain that we all have a pair of scissors, but he carries them a little bit too close, some might say. There are two types of shows. One you clap at the end, one you stare at the stage. This might just be both. It could be about our life, it could be about isolation, it could be about the worst birthday party you have ever seen, it could be about a cat who changes life. Or maybe, maybe it is just a man with a pair of scissors.

Tuesday 1 May, 6.30-7.30pm | White Lab
Loading by Zilu Linn 
This is a free drop-in event there's no need to book a ticket. Please note admittance will be on a first come first served basis.
Immersive performance. This installations transform the immersive experience into part-lab and part-factory, referencing cyborg protesting and contemporary human collective unconscious research to explore our life. 

Tuesday 1 May, 7.30-8.10pm | Studio Theatre
Herewith_01 by Georgia Pazarloglou
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Herewith_01 is a sound landscape that forms around a text score composition involving a body and two stringed instrument players in space. The text score is composed in order to give guidelines to the three performers, assuming a guided interaction within the sound environment. Exploring childhood traumas, social and behavioural norms, miscommunication and misunderstanding through a sonic space that includes audio autobiography, poetry, sound design and body performance, this piece is devised as a process towards healing. And if healing is approached through communication, then performance and sound composition are the vehicles of this particular communication. Performed by Georgia Pazarloglou, Jamie Turner, Anna Vaughan. Devised and composed by Georgia Pazarloglou.

Thursday 3 May, 7pm | White Lab
Unrealistic Life by Yuan Gu
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Come and take a nap in this peaceful world. Using hand-made models, puppets, installations and combining multimedia and audience participation, this show will use an easy and humorous way to expresses reflections on the reality, social issues and the political system.

Friday 4 May, 7-7.30pm | Black Lab
Artificial Womb by Li Qu

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Our intelligence strives the most primitive wisdom of human biological characteristics, forming the concept as the entity of human beings itself is the divine creation; zillion years of evolutions were compressed into the matrix within the processes of nurturing lives. Even though we exceeded nominal intelligence,as our ’Matrix‘ still dwells in the formation of lives and the reverence for Holy Spirit.

Friday 4 May, 8-8.40pm | Studio Theatre
Sur/Sous by Nic Brannan

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Sur/Sous is a research based project which looks into the sociopolitical means of understanding identity by wading through the mass information we receive every day. Sur/Sous is a multi-sensory performance focusing on the importance of technology in performativity and the impact on our increasingly documented lives.

A mix of live elements against a back drop of multi-media installations creates an environment to present many disparate elements. Themes of self help, identity, therapy and gender politics all play out with the use of archival video content and live performance, exploring the evolution of the self in contemporary culture.

Friday 18 May, 5.30-7.30pm | Platform Theatre
My Love by Katarzyna Stefania Debska 

This is a free drop-in event there's no need to book a ticket. ​Please note admittance will be on a first come first served basis.

I’ve never heard of anybody who would refer to Tolstoj, who would mention his book. Everybody was shocked by the scandal of massacre, but nobody was shocked by its repetition. After all- a repetition of a scandal is the lord of scandals! Only Goytisol’s blasphemer God knows that- “Tell me please: what has changed in this world which I’ve created in one week? Why shall we extend this mockery? Why do people stubbornly continue to procreate?” Because the scandal of repetition is being constantly erased by the scandal of forgetting (forgetting- “the huge abyss where a memory gets lost”, the memory of a beloved person, just as the one of a great novel or massacre).
-Milan Kundera*
*fragment of essay "Memories retreat" / "Odwrót wspomnień", from:
"The meeting. selection of essays" / "Spotkanie. Wybór esejów"

Thursday 24 May, 5-8pm | Platform Theatre
After Zurbarán Part 1 by Delia Boyano Lopez De Villalta

This is a free drop-in event there's no need to book a ticket. ​Please note admittance will be on a first come first served basis.

Video-performance, sculpture, narratives, history.
The project After Zurbarán draws from the series of canvasses made by the baroque painter Francisco de Zurbarán known as The Saints of Zurbarán. These pieces are portrayals of 18 female hagiographic figures, who were martyred, depicted like real women on their way to heaven while carrying their instruments of torture in their hands. This potential movement of the saints with their objects in a transitory moment contains a performative attitude which becomes the starting point for the development of the piece. After Zurbarán. Part I comprises only three of the paintings of Zurbarán: Saint Águeda, Saint Margaret and Saint Casilda, and consists of a six hour video-performance piece composed among the live action and the mediated to create a non linear narrative throughout the juxtaposition of video projections, voice, sculptures, drawings and the performer’s devising. Within this environment Boyano brings the portrayed saints from the XVII century into the current.

Friday 25 May, 5-8pm | Platform Theatre
Tracing (Un)familiar Territory by Nasia Papavasiliou

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Please note that from 5-7pm admittance to this performance will be on a drop-in basis. Booking for the 7.30pm performance is essential. 

This piece includes both projection and performance within the framed sculptural space that the artist created and calls "non space". With every layer and change this space becomes the main metaphor of a unified space that is used to confront a journey that is heavily depended in history, from the familiar to the unfamiliar, both revealed on the same street. With language of a poetic nature an introduction is given through a short film demonstrating some on-site interventions that happened during the artist’s first time visit to the occupied part of Cyprus, north of Nicosia.

The work is concerned with the interface between north and south (specific to Cyprus), the ‘border ‘ culture and its absurdity when nature and landscape know no true obstacles. An exploration of the anthropological nature of the human body in the landscape that tends to be interrupted by walls, borders and windows that limit their physical and mental experience of the place. The city is divided above ground but unified below, because gravity and economics conspired to prevent the duplication of water and sewerage infrastructure. “For sewerage, there is no obstacle,” Nevzat Öznel. The work is explored further and completes with a performance by Svenjia Buhl. This piece originated from the artist’s personal observation in the division of her own country and brings up ideas that relate to a broader context of geographical  divisions and cultural displacements.

Image credit: Adonis Archontides and Mihalis Intziegianni