Sound Arts Visiting Practitioner Series

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19 Apr - 10 May 2018


Thursday 19 April – Thursday 10 May
Lecture Theatre B
Every Thursday at 2pm

This event is free and open to all.
If you do not have a UAL student or staff ID card please email to book a place.

This series of visiting speakers is co-hosted by LCC’s department of Sound Arts and Design and UAL's research centre for Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice and curated by Dr John Wynne. The talks take place in Lecture Theatre B at LCC on Thursday afternoons throughout the 2017/18 academic year.

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Summer Term

19 April, 2pm
Daniela Cascella​

Daniela Cascella is a London-based Italian writer, her work focusing on sound, literature and art. Her work is driven by a longstanding interest in the relationship between listening, reading, writing, translating, recording and in the conversations, questions, frictions and kinships that these fields generate, host or complicate.

In this lecture, Daniela will read excerpts from her three published books—Singed. Muted Voice-Transmissions, After The Fire (Equus Press, 2017), F.M.R.L. Footnotes, Mirages, Refrains and Leftovers of Writing Sound (Zero Books, 2015), En Abîme: Listening, Reading, Writing. An Archival Fiction (Zero Books, 2012), and discuss the various modalities of being with sound that her writing has performed, voiced and embodied throughout these projects.

26 April, 2pm
John Kannenberg and Timothy Smith
John Kannenberg is a multimedia artist, experimental curator, writer and researcher whose work investigates sounds as cultural objects; the frontiers and borders of digital heritage; the multisensory geography of museums; the psychology of collection and the human experience of time. As Director and Chief Curator of the Museum of Portable Sound, John researches the collection, curation and display of sound as a museological object while critiquing conventional museum practices and music industry-imposed limitations on the digital distribution of sound. 
John’s talk will introduce his ideas about sounds as objects of culture via listening to several objects from the Museum’s Permanent Collection. The talk will also include a screening of the Museum’s latest temporary exhibition, Portable Sound in Cinema 1979-2000, a critical look at the depiction of portable sound technology in late 20th Century film. 

Timothy Smith is an artist-filmmaker whose artwork questions the validity of historical and mythological narratives and attempts to amplify marginalised voices. His research examines the ways in which sound, memory and embodied listening practices can encourage affective engagement with audio-visual artwork. 
This presentation will highlight the importance of sound and the other senses and argue that recent work around ‘affect’ should be included when considering the development of a phenomenology of film experience. Tim will also show some of the audio-visual experiments that he has made as part of his practice-based research degree at UAL.

3 May, 2pm
Kate Carr and Julie Groves​

Kate Carr makes music about places and our relationship to them, whilst running the record label Flaming Pines. Speaking about her work in relation to her PhD topic, which centres on contestation, space and the soundscapes of Brixton and Belfast.

Julie Groves’ work explores ideas of performance and audience-ship, physicality and intimacy and subjectivity and proximity. Her work negotiates the tension between the Self and the Other using performance the relationship of the Other’s Other - to explore spectatorship, eavesdropping and entanglement. 
Julie’s practice engages with philosophy and creates sound art performance to address the presence of self in the act of dialogue. It questions our roles as performer, receiver or as the viewer or the viewed through a recomposed familiar experience.

10 May, 2pm
Davide Tidoni

A researcher in the field of sound and listening, Davide Tidoni is interested in the dimensions of listening and the uses of sound in everyday life. With a particular emphasis on observation, action and participation, he realises a variety of works that include site-specific interventions, live performances and audio recording projects. 

The presentation will focus on Davide's current research on sound, space and live performance. A series of actions and pieces from his recent production will be shown and discussed. Through the staging of specific situations, Davide's performances function as metaphors that illustrate issues concerning human relations, space interaction and physical contact. Sound is used as an experiential and conceptual backdrop for exploring individual, collective agency and attentive listening.

This event is free and open to all.
If you do not have a UAL student or staff ID card please email to book a place.

Image credit: Kate Carr