Attainment and Curriculum

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11 Apr 2018

10am to 12pm

This workshop will analyse debates surrounding institutional policies to ‘diversify the curriculum’ and the intentions and experiences that underlie student campaigns such as ‘Liberate the Curriculum’ and ‘Decolonise the Curriculum’. We will address the practical implications of these arguments, with reference to the ‘positionality’ of both tutors and students, in the context of specific examples of briefs and practices. 
The aim of the workshop is to reflect on tutor and student relationships to curricula, and to find ways in which tutors and students might construct relevance, identification and diversity.
Who should attend: 
All UAL tutors involved in curriculum design and teaching.

Dr Duna Sabri is a Researcher, UAL Institutional Projects.   She conducted the longitudinal research study on students’ experience and identity is this year offering a series of short specialist workshops exploring the research findings and their practical implications.  Each workshop stands alone.  Those wishing to attend more than one in the series can do so in any order or location.