Voices in Publishing

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08 Mar 2018

2pm to 8pm

Thursday 8 March
2 - 8pm
Upper Gallery
Open to and free to all. 

Taking place on International Womens Day and in the wake of both #MeToo and #BlackLivesMatter the emphasis will be on voices, images and publications that exist outside of the mainstream creating a platform of resistance via brilliant imagination and unlimited ambition. 


Participants include the Middle Eastern Womens’ magazine Azeema and Burnt Roti which celebrates South Asian culture. Thiird provides a space for intersectional thinking and activism while hotdog showcases female-identifying, non-binary and transgender poets. 


Others taking part provide a local media angle. BORN N BREAD via tales of south London girls and their communities of interest. Two magazines set up by UAL students will feature. Oppose focused a recent issue on London’s gentrification problem and Artefact aims to be a magazine for London millennials. 


And we have magazines that go out of their way to defy classification too. Sabat fuses contemporary feminism with witchcraft and ancient archetypes. Accent publishes stories about extraordinary people who live their lives for themselves and no one else with incredible writing, and visuals. Chanced Arm is an experimental magazine, created in 24 hours from crowd-sourced content and inspired by broadsides, zines and the counter cultural publishing from the 60s and 70s


Throughout the day from 2pm 

+ Magazine, zine and merch stalls 

+ A selection of zines on display from LCC’s collection which dates from the 1970s to the present day. 

+ The launch of a new issue of Chanced Arm mag/a-zine 



A scanning social and zine-making workshop with Ad Archives.*

A pop-up photo studio, hosted by Accent, come and learn how to take great portraits with the professionals.



Student publishing 

A series of 15 minute talks from students and recent graduates about how and why they started their magazines and what the future holds for them with Artefact, hotdog, Me, Oppose, Sister. 



Why zines? 

An introduction to LCC’s zine collection, and why zines are still relevant today. 



Sisterhood in Publishing

Our concluding panel celebrates new feminist media and focuses on the importance of collaboration and female friendship with Burnt Roti, Azeema, Thiird, BORN N BREAD, and Sabat. 



Music and drinks.


* Ad Archives creator Halima Olalemi has been cataloguing magazine ads from the 80s, 90s and 00s the archive showcases dozens of advertising campaigns from youth culture and fashion magazines, including i-D, The Face, Dazed and Sleazenation. www.adarchives.co.uk \ @adarchives 


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