Interview Skills - LCC

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08 Mar 2018

2pm to 4pm

Prepare for interviews with this informative and practical workshop. Learn about interview questions and pick up practical tips on preparation to maximize your chances of success. 
Through short exercises, you will learn how to identify your distinct attributes, skills, and experiences. You’ll also learn how to answer questions effectively and convincingly in the context of an interview.
This workshop aims to help you to:
  • Prepare for formal interviews
  • Gain insights on employers perspectives
  • Answer questions with clarity under pressure
  • Make your employer research pay off with well-constructed answers to common interview questions
  • Manage the interview conversation and follow up to make a good impression
There will be time for questions during the workshop and further resources will be signposted throughout. This session is the first of three in our Employability Series of workshops: CareerLab, CV and Job Hunting and Interview Skills
The session will be led and facilitated by: …………………………….. Employability Practitioner (….) and is organised by the Careers and Employability team.
This event is open to ALL students and graduates from ALL UAL colleges.