Art School: Who says 'anything goes’ and why this idea isn’t what it seems?

Student work

08 Mar 2018

5pm to 6.30pm

This presentation will draw on a recently published book co-authored by Susan Orr and Alison Shreeve (see below).  Susan will focus on the ways that students' ideas, approaches and practices are given value or valorised in art and design education.

Exploring the idea of value/s from two interconnecting perspectives, certain 'taken for granted'  art school values will be examined as a lens to look at the ways that value is assigned (and/or denied) to students and their work. By analysing the ‘making' of student success and failure, it will be argued that tacit and sometimes unexamined value systems serve to advantage and disadvantage certain students in ways that need urgent attention if we are to promote education for social justice.  

Professor Susan Orr is Dean of Learning,Teaching and Enhancement at UAL.
Orr, S. and Shreeve, A. (2017) Art and Design Pedagogy in Higher Education: Knowledge, Values and Ambiguity in the Creative Curriculum. Routledge. 

This event is free to attend, but booking is essential.  Please reserve your place using the form below.