Do we still need to talk about the purpose of universities?

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07 Mar 2018

5pm to 6.30pm

In his seminal talk, ‘Don’t Panic’, Hans Rosling uses data visualisation to demonstrate how quality of human life is improving across the globe. The university has been crucial to these developments, not only as a site for scientific discovery but also as a nexus of technology and humanity.   A place where different strands of thought come together and challenge one another.

Concerns that we have gone too far with our technological development, or that we are going in the wrong direction, are not new. In The Conflict of The Faculties, Immanuel Kant describes the philosophy faculty of the university as a moderating force that ensures the various disciplines do not stray too far from questions of ethics and purpose: of how human beings should live, and to what ends.

Is this approach still relevant in a supercomplex world of infinite connections and (perhaps) relative morals? Lindsay will present findings from her doctoral thesis on the future of universities, and argue that the role of the university must continue to be considered – as it always has – in light of the changes it has wrought on society.

Lindsay Jordan, Course Leader, PgCert Academic Practice in Art Design and Communication
Doctoral student at Oxford Brookes University

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