Attainment and formative assessment

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21 Mar 2018

2pm to 4pm

The centrality of formative assessment as the engine of improvement in students’ learning is well-established (Black and Wiliam 1998). We also know that these gains are greater for lower-achieving students.
This workshop will take a fresh look at formative assessment practices with reference to UAL institutional research. We will explore how students can develop their own capacities for making judgements about work, and eliciting, interpreting and responding to feedback in discipline-specific contexts.

Who should attend? 
Any UAL staff involved in giving students feedback on their work.

Dr Duna Sabri is a Researcher, UAL Institutional Projects.   She conducted the longitudinal research study on students’ experience and identity is this year offering a series of short specialist workshops exploring the research findings and their practical implications.  Each workshop stands alone.  Those wishing to attend more than one in the series can do so in any order or location.