The conceptual costs and benefits of a value-for-money university education

final show display

14 Mar 2018

5pm to 6.30pm

The issue of ‘value-for-money’ has become a topic of concern within UK higher education since students began to pay substantially more for their education and have been explicitly identified as consumers. The ostensible aim has been to give students greater choice and more rights regarding an education that they largely pay for themselves in order to improve the quality of their educational experience.

While some aspects of University study lend themselves well to value for money judgments, others are harder or perhaps impossible to measure in monetary terms. In this presentation, Elizabeth Staddon will begin by exploring how the notion has been applied to other services that resist quantitative measurement, and then examine the extent to which the phrase can or cannot be usefully applied to a higher education. Reference will be made to recent case study that investigated how students make sense of paying their fee.

Elizabeth Staddon
Head of Arts Education, Teaching and Learning Exchange, UAL

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