Film Forum: Jancsó and Mészáros

Still from Diary for My Children

13 Mar 2018

2pm to 5.45pm

FILM FORUM: Jancsó and Mészáros


Anna Jancsó and Nyika Jancsó introduce Diary for My Children and My Way Home


Diary for My Children / Márta Mészáros / 1984 / 102 minutes

My Way Home / Miklós Jancsó / 1965 / 98 minutes


Tuesday 13th March 2018, 2pm onwards

Chelsea College of Art, Banqueting Hall,

16 John Islip St, Westminster, London SW1P 4JU

On 13th March 2018 the Film Forum will host an afternoon focusing on the films of Miklós Jancsó and Márta Mészáros. Jancsó's My Way Home and Mészáros' Diary for My Children will be screened as part of this event.

Anna Jancsó and Nyika Jancsó will lead a discussion considering the different treatments of historical and personal memory within these films: Jancsó as being highly symbolic and Mészáros as documenting the intersection of history and the individual, drawing from personal experiences and memories.

Nyika Jancsó collaborated with both of his parents: Jancsó and Mészáros, and is the cinematographer for Mészáros' diary trilogy, including Diary for My Children.

Anna Jancsó is a producer and has worked extensively across film and television. She recently produced Forgotten Man, 2017.

For info contact co-organisers:
Elizabeth Peebles, Fine Art Programme, Chelsea,
Matthew Burdis,

Image: Diary for My Children, 1984