ACTS RE-ACTS 5: Performance Lab 1 March

FIVE, set up for 'Obscura', Acts Re-Acts 4, February 2017

01 Mar 2018

2pm to 9pm


Wimbledon College of Arts: Performance Laboratory

Thursday 1 March, 2 - 9pm


Time: 14.00 – 14.30
Venue: Theatre
Event: Aminder Virdee (30m)

A live performance installation exploring the doctor – patient relationship, the disabled female form and intersectionality within the complexities and politics of agency and power, in medical institutions. Using language to remove censorship surrounding real and raw subjects, the piece attempts to capture the intimate dialogue between the personal and the clinical, the Self and the physical, censorship fiction and reality - a pseudo-institution intruding a personal space.
Time: 14.35 – 14.45
Venue: Wimbledon Space
Event: Greig Burgoyne, Walk/Count/Follow/Lost (10m)
Burgoyne presents performances which explore the space of the gallery as a means to move beyond it. Collaborators Joe Graham, Robert Luzar and Lucy O’Donnell, join Greig in walking, measuring and counting their footsteps, while recording the action on their phones, which in turn is replayed and followed. In this way by reiterating the space the performers maybe less able to maintain its limits and instead appear aimless to wander albeit with intent. Absurd.

Event: Lucy O’Donnell
O’Donnell brings together drawing’s open interpretive inscriptions and writing’s more stable syntax, as sheets of writing that contain words evoking her colleagues’ activities. In the space, these hybrids explore the A4 page, its activities, spaces and silences interrogating interpretations and language as allusive and indirect. She drafts/re-drafts and creates multiple iterations of subject. O’Donnell plays with the tick-tock of the assumed silence of drawing and the spoken word, and will translate the paper works and performative dialogues of her colleagues into poetic soundings played on speakers within the space. These soundings consider the constructed dialogues between the gallery space and her collaborators’ contributions.

Time: 14.50 – 15.50
Venue: Film & Video Room
Event: Eleanor Bowen & Jane Bailey, Evidence (60m)

A participatory installation devised and presented by Dr Eleanor Bowen and Dr Jane Bailey.
Bowen and Bailey’s proposal is initiated by a short text/image narrative titled ‘Evidence’ [Bowen, 2015). This is built around the diary account of an event that took place in the early hours of September 15, 1918, somewhere over enemy lines in France. Here a young airman pushes the last bomb hastily out of his plane, blaming himself for what happens next. This brief act, no more than a gesture, generates a complex of narratives that, in the 100 years between then and now, crystallise around the event. An archive of readings (iterations/perspectives) emerges, ‘an imagined stratigraphy of objects, images and texts, as though evidence of the event has been blown out around it’ (2005). Using lenses (cameras, projectors), texts and modes of drawing, we explore the ways in which emergent perspectives can collide, distort, enlarge or diminish the ‘facts’ of history. The performance reflects the notion that history is never a linear but a ‘turbulent’ process, in the sense that, as Mike Pearson observes, ‘the temporality of archaeology is not primarily linear, from past to present, but turbulent’ (2001, p10). Here, reading is a speculative and also cumulative act akin to that of archaeological excavation which, as it uncovers the past, at the same time throws up and generates new material. Alongside the archive of readings, which are iterations/perspectives on that first event (diary accounts, transcriptions of the story retold 60 years after the event, RAF war records, drawings, audio recordings), another reading is mediated in real time as cameras focus on the diary while it is read, palm-held in the reader’s hands.
Time: 15.50 – 16.20 
Venue: Canteen

Time: 16.30 – 17.10
Venue: Theatre
Event: Richard Layzell, Bruce Barber, Kino Paxton, Away (40m)

An international collaboration between Richard Layzell (UK), Bruce Barber (Canada) and Kino Paxton (inter- country), incorporating pre-recorded documentation from Palazzo Mora in Venice and live action in the Studio Theatre and elsewhere. Part-inspired by Kino Paxton's vital observations and Bruce Barber’s erasure work PARTY WITHOUT PARTY which depicts a world map without the US, this collaboration will explore absence and presence, global communication and naming.

Time: 17.20 – 17.35
Venue: Wimbledon Space
Event: Joe Graham, Metronome Drawings (15m)

Graham presents a live metronome drawing, using graph paper and a mechanical metronome in an attempt to record the same amount of time differently. Each of the individual drawings will use a different combination of tempos to represent the exact same amount of time. Inspired by a Bergsonian understanding of time as it is experienced, i.e. as duration, this goes against the static understanding of time as something repeatable. According to Bergson’s philosophy of la durée we never experience the same moment twice. Drawing for as a long as the metronome allows, Graham’s performance is an effort to describe 'the shape of time’.

Event: Lucy O’Donnell
Please see previous info.

Time: 17.40 – 19.00
Venue: Film & Video Room
Event: Alex Reuben, Gingerella (RockaFela) (65m)

Screening of 'Gingerella (RockaFela)' (65', Alex Reuben, UK 2017) + Talk & Q&A with Dir. Alex Reuben.
Supported by a Wellcome Arts Award and Arts Council England, Gingerella (RockaFela) is an improvised film about improvisation. In an age when physical proximity to machines can be more common than with people, Gingerella (Rockafela) explores the meaning of dance, music and synchronisation with a narrative thread that weaves together more than thirteen historic and universal interpretations of the Cinderella myth.
A collaboration with Professor Chris Frith of University College London and performer Eleanor Sikorski (Gingerella), the central narrative is the contemporary story of a dancer, Gingerella, and her search to rediscover her ability to dance. The world of modern neuroscience is Gingerella’s map and her guides, two of its foremost practitioners – Professor Frith and Professor Natalie Sebanz of Central European University, Budapest.
Against the transcribed conversations of these cognitive scientists, we journey with Gingerella through landscapes of earth, body and mind exploring how we dance and what it is to be close to each other. Within this humanistic endeavor, key themes are embodiment, alignment, choreogeography and kinesthetic empathy in cinema.
Throughout, Gingerella’s monologue connects words and movement – a choreographic, cognitive poetics, where she refers to herself as ‘we’. At a time when international communities are struggling to work out how – or if – we work together and of arduous, dangerous, physical migration, her travels have the sense of a political body.
Locations include London, Iceland, Budapest and Belém where, at the mouth of the Brazilian urban Amazon, we witness the extraordinary physical scene of ‘Círio’, a religious procession.
Underscored by the documentation of an experiment in improvisation and synchronisation with a duet by members of the Amazônia Jazz Band, Gingerella’s journey reveals some startling cognitive truths about why we want to dance together.
Supported by a Wellcome Arts Award and Arts Council England.
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Time: 19.05 – 19.35
Venue: Wimbledon Space
Event: Robert Luzar, Demonstrations

Demonstrations are works that partially show or demonstrate actions which ‘may’ or ‘may not’ be done by anyone, artist and/or audience. These are works that first appear on the internet as ‘how to’ videos, showing audiences step-by-step actions, using subtitles to outline such actions as possibilities; but they are also works that appear in performances, where audiences are shown how such demonstrations take place, and in ways different to however they seem to first appear. ‘May’ or ‘may not’ are words that repeat throughout the subtitles, and are also spoken out loud throughout the performances.

Event: Lucy O'Donnell
Please see previous info.

Time: 19.40 – 20.300
Venue: Theatre
Event: Angela Hodgson-Teall & Miles Coote, The Bareback Museum: “Can I make a painting if I am too ill Mrs Aids?” (45m)

Hodgson-Teall and Coote re-enact a life drawing performance workshop, which subverts a life drawing class into a live and visceral, museological, drawing encounter. The Bareback Museum: “Can I make a painting if I am too ill Mrs Aids?” explores the crossovers of drawing, queer methodologies and empathy. It facilitates a collective environment to discuss bareback sex (unprotected) in a participatory and reflective way.
Institutions often approach the dialogues of bareback sex as a taboo and the public space becomes ‘cleansed’ and sanitised. Subverting the life drawing class into a performance workshop from a queer perspective gives the opportunity to create a temporal museological environment to facilitate discussions about sexual health practices, including PrEP/ PEP, bareback and safe sex.
During the workshop participants will draw the performer in choreographed poses throughout the performance. The participation for the audience becomes a learning process of observation, reflection and documentation. It is a creative and active environment for the audience to feel collectively engaged and creates the opportunity for an audience to come together as a community - developing strategies for the awareness of identity politics and LGBTQ activism.
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Schedule for ACTS RE-ACTS 5: Performance Lab, Friday 2 March, 2 - 8.30pm


Wimbledon College of Arts: Performance Laboratory

Performance Laboratory:
Thursday 1 March, 2 - 9pm
Friday 2 March, 2 - 9pm

Workshop & Symposium: Adaptation, Participation, Risk-taking
Saturday 3 March, 10am - 5pm (Booking essential)

19 February - 03 March 2017, Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm

Contributors include: 
Eleanor Bowen & Jane Bailey, Henry Bradley, Greig Burgoyne, Joe Graham, Angela Hodgson-Teall & Miles Coote, Richard Layzell & Bruce Barber, Jozefina Komporaly & ZU-UK & guests, Robert Luzar, Melanie Menard, Lucy O’Donnell, Ken Wilder & Aaron McPeake, Alex Reuben, Lois Rowe & The Haptic Collective, Aminder Virdee

Acts Re-Acts, a laboratory of performance, new media, workshops, lectures, discussions, events, interventions, seminars and installations, returns for a fifth year to take place across Wimbledon College of Arts. This year Acts Re-Acts will take the form of an intensive two-day laboratory of selected performances on Thursday 1 and Friday 2 March.

On Saturday 3 March, Jozefina Komporaly will convene 'Adaptation, Participation, Risk-taking', an interactive performance workshop by Anglo-Brazilian performance company ZU-UK, followed by a symposium featuring an invited panel of academics and practitioners. This event is part of the CCW Graduate School Public Programme. Booking is essential for this workshop. Click here for further information and to book a place.

An exhibition of work by participants will be on show in Wimbledon Space from 19 February – 3 March.
Image: Acts Re-Acts 4, set up of 'Obscura' by FIVE. Photograph by Rosie Potter.