Maison/0: The Other Way

Photograph of plants starting to growing out of a piece of braided material

02 Feb 2018

9.30am to 6pm

The Other Way: How can bio-inspired creative practices lead to sustainable innovation in design and architecture? 

A Maison/0 initiative. 

Morning session, 10am
Afternoon session, 2pm
UAL staff & students: free (but booking required)
Other: £10 /session. 

If the 20th century relied on an oil hungry petro-chemical industry, the 21st century is rapidly shifting towards biological manufacturing and alternative bio-inspired design protocols. This symposium celebrates diverse creative practices that stimulate new approaches to sustainable innovation at the intersection of architecture, design, textiles, biology, biomimicry and permaculture. 

How do we integrate biology in the design process? How do we reinvent architecture to adopt living materials? How can we programme adaptive textile materials derived from biomimicry principles? What can permaculture teach creative designers? How do we grow fluid animal-free leather? How do we train bacteria to produce a colour range? How do we incorporate meteorological phenomenon into architecture? How do we design for bio-circular manufacturing systems? 

11 international architects and designers will address these questions and present ‘other ways’ to design for a more sustainable future. 

Speakers include: 
Philippe Rahm Architect | Amy Congdon, Modern Meadow | David Benjamin, The Living Autodesk | Richard Beckett, BiotA Lab (Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL) | Phyl Ayres, CITA Royal Academy of Fine Arts (School of Architecture, Denmark) | Claudia Pasquero, EcoLogic Studio | Chris Grantham, Ideo |  Natsai Audrey Chieza, Faber Futures | Guillian Graves | Sarah Pugh

Image credit: Growing in Braids - Phyl Ayres

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