Work at Peckham Platform’s Tate Exchange

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15 Feb - 22 Feb 2018

Collaborate and be part of Tate Exchange with Peckham Platform
Are you interested in working with galleries and working in collaboration with other UAL students? Do you want to learn more about social arts or creating events for the public? We want you to work to a brief and come up with ideas (workshops, events, activities, interactive artworks, performance, music etc.) and then deliver these ideas as part of Peckham Platform’s Tate Exchange at Tate Modern!
Who can take part: eligibility criteria
This project is run by Careers and Employability. We help UAL students to make a living doing what they love and strive to support students who are underrepresented in the creative sector.

Due to the way this project is funded, in order to apply to take part, you must:
  • Be currently studying an undergraduate course at UAL, and
  • Come from a family where neither parent/ guardian has completed a University degree, and
  • Be enrolled as a home student (UK)
If this doesn’t apply to you, don’t worry Careers and Employability run lots of employability and enterprise events that are open to all: see the events here.
Deadline for booking a place: 11th February 2018 

Is there funding to cover my costs? / Will I be paid?
All students taking part in this project will receive a bursary to cover any expenses they may incur. The bursary will be £50 per day for visit and research days (6 days total = £300).
Students will also be employed and paid to deliver their idea at Tate Exchange (paid at or above the London living wage, £10.20 per hour).
What’s involved?
The 4-day Peckham Platform Tate Exchange event will be based around an exhibition, SERP.
This project will involve taking part in visits and workshops to learn more about the SERP exhibition, Peckham Platform and Tate Exchange. You’ll then take part in an intensive Ideas Studio where you’ll work collaboratively to generate ideas, refine them and then make them happen. Finally, you’ll present your event / ideas to the public at the Tate Exchange.
Themes of the SERP exhibition (the starting point for your ideas): The role of art in our lives, public engagement, the erosion of arts in education, memorabilia, the role of the artist, reinterpreting archives, social arts, the current politics of art education.
The project will take place on the following dates and times, in order to apply you must be able to attend these dates. However, if you have caring responsibilities, unavoidable commitments or circumstances that mean you won’t be able to attend these dates please get in touch and we’ll do our best to accommodate this.
Research / visit days: 14.00-17.00 on the following days: 21 Feb, 28 Feb, 7 Mar, 14 Mar.
Ideas Studio: 10.30-17.30 on 19 and 20 March
Delivering your idea at Tate Exchange: 19, 20, 21, 22 April*
*note: depending on the idea you come up with and how you decide to run this, you may not have to attend every day at Tate Exchange. The timings for your contribution to Peckahm Platform’s Tate Exchange will be decided by you. 
How to apply / refer a student
Book a place
If the criteria above apply to you, and you can attend the dates listed below, you can book a place by emailing* with the following details:
*if you would prefer to talk through the questions over on the phone, rather than answer in a written format, please just email us and we can arrange a time to call you.  
  • Your name
  • Your student ID number 
  • A brief answer to the following questions 
  • Tell us why you’re interested in taking part in this project? 
  • What is your arts practice or area of interest? (this can be the same as your studies, or different),
  • Tell us why you would like to work in a collaborative way? 
  • Please also confirm in writing that the criteria above apply to you and that you can attend the dates.
Places will be offered on a first-come first-served basis and our team will inform you if you have a place on the week beginning 12 February.
If you would like to refer a student to take part in this project, please either forward this information to them or email us and we can get in touch.