Be your own boss: Finding work

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24 Oct 2018

4pm to 6pm


BE YOUR OWN BOSS: The A to Z of freelancing

***This is part two in a series, you can read about the series and book onto other sessions here***
Session 2: Finding Work and growing your network

This class takes the pain out of finding work, teaching participants how to take a marketing approach to their strategy and execution. 

Led by Let’s Be Brief's Ansel Neckles, learn how to turn the art of new business into a rewarding process; in turn creating tangible outcomes and a client list of your choosing.

·         Gain an in depth overview of the modern marketplace

·         Learn from case studies that have built audiences / new clients

·         Learn how to define your strategy

·         Leave with a toolkit to create a dynamic strategy suitable for you and your practice or business.

The Be your own boss series will be repeated in the spring and summer terms so if you can’t make this one you can join us next time. Whilst it is designed as part of a series, you are welcome to just book the sessions you feel are valuable to you and your practice.

Careers and Employability are dedicated supporting UAL students who are underrepresented in the creative industries. We receive funding that allows us to offer such support to students who are the first in their family to go to University, therefore we have allocated a percentage of tickets to these students.