Explore Your Career Ambitions - CSM

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19 Oct 2018

10am to 12pm

In this workshop you will have the chance to explore your ambitions for your career. You will audit your skills, attributes and achievements. You are invited to consider personal goals and strategies for your future career with clarity and focus. Reflecting on what motivates you, we will guide you through exercises to help you create your vision for your future professional self. This interactive workshop involves working individually, and in pairs and small groups.
What will you learn?
Skills to manage change in your career. How to assess your current reality and focus on where you want to go. Navigate change using the CREATE model. Generate a route map for your goals. Set steps or strategies towards your goals that are practical and achievable. Gain insight into concepts of personal responsibility. Develop habits that will enable you to be more effective in your life and work. We will support you to develop listening skills and asking effective questions of yourself and others. This workshop aims to empower you to identify and release your potential.
Who is this workshop for?
This workshop is for students at any stage of study. The workshop may be of particular interest to people who are exploring a broad range of options. Students or graduates who are considering changing career. Anyone who is feeling stuck or is looking for focus in your creative professional life. There will be time for discussion during the workshop and we will signpost further resources towards the end of the workshop.

 The session is organised by the Careers and Employability team and is open to ALL students and graduates from ALL UAL colleges.