Supra Systems Symposium and Publication Launch

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11 Oct 2018

5pm to 9pm

Thursday 11 October
5 - 9pm
Lecture Theatre A & Upper Gallery,
London College of Communication,
Elephant & Castle, SE1 6SB. 
Free and open to all.
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To mark the launch of the Supra Systems Studio and Supra Systems publication, join us for an evening symposium of talks and performances at Everything Happens So Much.

The full program of events will be announced shortly.

About Supra Systems:

We live in an age in which political and cultural events happen with increasing speed; an overwhelming wave of stuff exacerbated in presence, impact and scale by complex networked technologies. 

In our publication Supra Systems, designers, artists, academics, and curators respond to this theme of the presence and politics of networked technologies and systems through a series of essays, interviews, fragments, and visual pieces.

This book explores how we experience and articulate this intense space in which everything is happening – so much! – and the systems which underpin and permit it.

Authors include: David Benque, Paul Bailey, Luisa Charles, John Fass, Wesley Goatley, Sara Hendren, Natalie Kane, Joel Karamath, Shannon Mattern, Alistair McClymont, Tobias Revell, Michael Sedbon, Paris Selina, Oliver Smith, Georgina Voss, Molly Wright Steenson, and Ewa Winiarczyk.

Editor: Georgina Voss

Design: Ben Branagan and Marion Lagedamont

Supra Systems Studio (SSS) interrogates and materialises the politics of networked technologies through design practice, projects and teaching. SSS is hosted by the Design School, London College of Communication, UAL. 

With performances from Supra Systems members such as:
Michael Sedbon
Eleni Xynogala
Marion Lagedamont
Oliver Smith and Francesco Tacchini
Parrr Geng