Be your own boss: Introduction

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10 Oct - 10 Dec 2018

4pm to 6pm

BE YOUR OWN BOSS: The A to Z of freelancing

***This is part one in a series, you can read about the series and book onto other sessions here***
Session 1: An introduction into freelancing 

Run by Zoë Tynan-Campbell UAL's Enterprise practitioner, this session is a break down of what it means to freelance and how you can get started.
We'll cover:
Setting up - how to register as self-employed and pay tax/ learn about expenses
The Pro's and con's of working as a freelancer
Things to consider when you're starting out 
Self Promotion & Social Media

We'll also provide you with some tools and resources to get you well on your way to being your own boss. 

Careers and Employability are dedicated supporting UAL students who are underrepresented in the creative industries. We receive funding that allows us to offer such support to students who are the first in their family to go to University, therefore we have allocated a percentage of tickets to these students.

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