Stage #1 MEAD Awards Applicants' Briefing

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24 Jan 2018

5pm to 6.30pm

Applying for MEAD Scholarships & Fellowships

Come along to this briefing to find out more about the MEAD Scholarships and Fellowships, and how to complete your initial (Stage #1) application. 

The briefing will cover:
- How to submit your art project idea as a proposal
- Overview of the 3 stage process
- What to include in your submission
- How to present your proposal for maximum impact

The scholarships and fellowships are designed to help UAL students and alumni develop their creative practice.
Each year five UAL students and recent graduates are given MEAD Scholarships and Fellowships. The Awardees complete arts projects which will add to their industry / discipline, and have a positive impact on their own practice. 
Mead Awards are open for projects in any creative discipline studied at UAL. 
To see the range of projects so far, download our past awards from the MEAD Awards webpage.
Mead Scholarships are awards of up to £2,500. UAL undergraduates can apply in their penultimate year (the year before your final one). Awards are given for projects which to be completed in the final year at UAL, as part of your degree work. 
Mead Fellowships are awards of up to £10,000. These are for UAL students (both undergraduate and postgraduate), who are in their final year when applying. The arts project must be completed during the year after graduation. 
Alumni can also apply for Fellowships if you graduated in 2017.
Please note: Mead Awards cannot be used to fund your tuition fees or living expenses. For information related to Student Funding, please visit: Students Fees and Funding

The deadline for MEAD applications is 09:00 on Mon 26 Feb.

This event is organised by the Careers and Employability team and is for UAL students and alumni (who graduated in 2017) ONLY.