Notating Space: scores, instructions, timelines

Circumstances score

24 Jan - 26 Jan 2018

An exhibition of work by staff and research students teaching on the Interior and Spatial Design Programme at Chelsea College of Arts
In his 1968 Languages of Art, Nelson Goodman states that the particular combination of drawing and text, numerals and symbols of the architectural plan ‘counts as a digital diagram and as a score’. This exhibition explores the analogy between architectural drawing and musical scores or dance notation.
These are all forms of ‘instruction’, and it is no coincidence that Goodman was writing at a time when ‘event scores’ were being developed by conceptual artists, composers and performance artists, such as Sol LeWitt, John Cage
and Yoko Ono. Addressing the idea of notating space, the exhibition focus not on the output itself, but generative scores and instructions, from detail drawings to scripted performances, film timelines to choreographed spatial sequences.