Uncertainty Playground: FutureMakers

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16 Sep - 20 Oct 2017

11am to 7pm

For a full timetable of workshops and how to book, please see below.

FutureMakers embraces making as a form of inquiry in the context of an expanded design practice. Within an evolving co-created making space in the College, LCC alumni and technical staff will explore how uncertainty is part of the creative process and demonstrate the relationship between idea, material and artefact.

Visitors are invited to a series of workshops, demonstrations and events to engage with experimental materials and practices with a diverse group of makers. Throughout the exhibition materials will be reused, spaces will be repurposed, new tools will be created, and disciplines will converge.

As the makerspace evolves, it will become a 3D documentation of a group of practitioners creating their own working environment.

More information about FutureMakers events and how to book:

DIY Instrument Building with Hackoustic
, Saturday 16 September, 10.00 - 1pm (For more information and to book)

Percussion Performance and Workshop, Saturday 16 September, 2 - 3.30pm (For more information and to book)

Mass(ive) Elephant Drawing, Monday 18 September and Tuesday 19 September, 11 - 4pm (For more information)

Charlotte - Light in Play, Monday 18 September, 2 - 4pm (For more information)

Build a DIY Dirty Video Mixer, Tuesday 19 September, 10 - 1pm (For more information and to book)

Depth Reflection Pixels - LCC Prototyping Lab drop-in, Tuesday 19 September, 10.00 - 1pm & 2 - 4pm (For more information)

Image Capture & Half Toning​ drop-in, Tuesday 19 September, 11 - 4pm (For more information)

Exquisite Screenprinting - Tech Talk and workshop with Dan Mather​, Tuesday 19 September, 2 - 5pm (For more information and to book)

Reactive, Conductive and Alternative inks in Screenprinting with Lisa Chappell, Wednesday 20 September, 10 - 1pm (For more information and to book)

Macaroni Robots and a System of Things with Rosie Munro-Kerr, Wednesday 20 September, 2 - 3pm (For more information and to book)

Micro-residency: Emilie Giles, Wednesday 20 September (16:30 - 19:30) & Thursday 21 September (10:00 - 16:00) (For more information)

CPD Workshop - Screenprinting with Functional Inks for Education​, Thursday 21 September, 11 - 4pm (For more information and to book)

Cyanotype Paper Making and Contact Printing, Thursday 21 September, 11 - 4pm (For more information)

Screenprinting with Natural Dyes | Florence Hawkins, Saturday 23 September, 10 - 1pm (For more information and to book)
& 2 - 4pm (for more information and to book)


Investigate, interact and imagine.