Feminist Internet Futures Studio: Visibility and representation

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12 Jul 2017

6.30pm to 8pm

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Social media demands intensive processes of self-representation and self-exploitation, and relentlessly commodifies women’s bodies and opinions. It also offers opportunities for women to develop their own voices and enact their (political) agency.

How should we respond to these demands and possibilities within a feminist framework? What do women look like on the internet – how are they self-styled and represented by others? Who is invested in female identity being constructed in a certain way - corporations? employers? universities? governments? Is that what we want?


Eliza Anyangwe - Founder and CEO at The Nzinga Effect (www.thenzingaeffect.com

Diann Bauer - Artist and writer (www.diannbauer.net)

This event is part of a Seminars series exploring the research themes that 20 students and alumni from University of the Arts London will tackle while taking part in a learning experience brought by UAL Futures: the Feminist Internet Futures Studio. 

UAL Futures is an initiative by supported by UAL Learning and Teaching Exchange & UAL Careers and Employability.