Digital Resistance: A Global Journey in Human Augmentation

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12 Jul 2017

9.30am to 7.30pm

Digital Resistance is a one-day symposium conference hosted by the Digital Anthropology Lab (DALab) at the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London. This bi-annual event builds on the launch of the DALab in 2015 and will seek to develop a new area of enquiry for future thinking in digital. The agenda will focus on celebrating diverse approaches to digital application for the human experience through a fashion lens.

Digital Resistance brings artist practitioners, robotics engineers, dance producers, scientists and digital anthropologists together to explore emerging themes of digital materiality and experience of non-linear human form. The event will focus on the context of design across multiple global geographies and from a western and non-western perspective. 

This conference is organized around four key themes:

Future prosthetics - the future human body is being designed with new digital design tools, new materials and advanced production technologies

New material memories - impact of new technologies and materials on how we behave and make meaning of the physical and digital world around us

Global design resilience – design constraints in western and non-western societies are giving birth new ways of working and new innovations

Data dystopia – impact of the data from the “body” on the way people behave and live in the future

Speakers will include:

James Turing - Conference Chair, Turing Trust

Bart Hess -

Dr. Mugendi M’rithaa - Curator Design Indaba Expo, Researcher at Cape Penninsula University of Technology, South Africa

Cher Potter - Senior Research Fellow, Design Futures, London College of Fashion

+ other special guests

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