Feeling our way: memory and the senses.....or what Star Trek can teach us about constructive interaction with the material world.

Gaynor Kavanagh portrait b&w

05 Jun 2017

6pm to 7.30pm

Presented by the Centre for Fashion Curation, London College of Fashion as part of our series of talks.  

Professional museum practice has always been propelled by a rich self-generated rhetoric, so powerful that it slips seamlessly into the language of curators without a second thought. Currently, the mantra is 'museums change lives', not withstanding the fact that a considerable proportion of public museums are almost dead on their feet and a hair's breadth away from going under. In fairness, many museums can hardly save themselves, let alone those they genuinely hope are using them.

If we can put the hyperbole to one side and accept the premise that museums can have an impact which might be more than the conceptual and cultural, then how do we begin to understand this? If we can legitimately claim that museums can have benefits that are psychological, intensely personal and attached to well-being, how might appropriate roles be developed, measured and evaluated? These questions will be explored by focusing on the nature of memory and how the tactile and visual can trigger issues of identity and experience.

The talk is free but booking is essential by visiting here.