BA Acting Production: Mary Barnes

Black and white image of a tree.

27 Jun - 01 Jul 2017

Ticket Prices: 
Adult £12 | Concessions £9 | UAL staff and students £6 
Visit the Platform Theatre Box Office to book your tickets. 

Please note that this performance is suitable only for people aged 14 years and over.

East London. 1965. A group of ‘anti-psychiatrists’ rent Kingsley Hall to create a radical, alternative community where schizophrenics, seekers and psychiatrists can live together on a level footing, voyaging down, into and through breakdown…

Mary Barnes is the true story of a “hopeless schizophrenic” who’d spent much of her adult life drugged and shocked into numbness in mental hospitals. She makes contact with visionary psychiatrists R. D. Laing and Joseph Burke, leaves the padded cells behind and joins them in Kingsley Hall, to fully experience regression therapy. During this journey she and the community face great risk, but she discovers an extraordinary artistic potential…

Mary Barnes is a raw, inspirational testimony to the emancipatory ideas of the age.


Platform Theatre 

  • Monday 26 June, 7.30pm 
  • Thursday 29 June, 2.00pm and 7.30pm
  • Friday 30 June, 2.00pm 
  • Saturday 1 July, 7.30pm