T.E.N.S.E - MA Innovation Management at Show Two

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23 Jun 2017

6pm to 9.30pm

To register for this event, please book your free tickets here: https://tensebymaim.eventbrite.co.uk

As part of Degree Show Two: Design, MA Innovation Management host T.E.N.S.E (Temporary Environment for Navigating Scenarios of Emergence) exploring how individuals, organisations and governments can manage, and innovate, in relation to the following four sets of ‘tensions. 

A divisive world. Balancing paradoxes in political, economic, social, and environmental spheres is no easy feat.

There are no singular anecdotes for these macro-level tensions, but managing the emergencies created from these crucibles is the role of an innovation manager. Agents of change, we are a band of individuals disillusioned with the status quo.

Order and Chaos

Profit and Preservation

Now and the Future

Physical and Digital

Four inspiring guest speakers will tell their stories and bringing MA Innovation Management’s Degree Show concept and work to life.

You will have the opportunity relax, network and socialise with a diverse group or mix of individuals. Additionally, get to know the graduating students better and a greater understanding of the breadth of the course and indulge on exciting treats.