The Hardy Amies Train Line

An image of a cardboard cut out man stood in front of a painted landscape.

31 May - 26 Jun 2017

BA Fashion Communication students have curated an exhibition about the life and work of Hardy Amies. The CSM Museum and Study Collection is lucky enough to have a collection of Amies work, including person items from his own wardrobe, and men’s and womenswear.

Amies is famous as a designer to the Queen, designing the suits for the 1966 England football team and the costumes for the Stanley Kubrick film 2001: A Space Odyssey. For this exhibition the students have focused on Amies’s links to London and the ages of glamourous travel, creating the Hardy Amies Line.

The display presents the Hardy Amies brand in all its British glory, using the carriage is a timeless capsule, celebrating not only his designs, but his progress as a designer. 

Clothing courtesy of CSM Museum and Study Collection

Display curated and created by:

Alicia Alubekova | George Smith | Harry Bradbury | Joe Bates | Mona Bakht | Ruby Cohen