Zeitline: The incremental development of a photographer

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07 Apr - 26 Apr 2017

Zeitline: The incremental development of a photographer
Friday 7 - Wednesday 26 April
Upper Gallery

This exhibition of work by Roger Hutchings, Senior Lecturer at LCC, explores the concept of photographic style through Hutchings’s war photographs, glimpses into the world of fashion and later abstracted colour studies. How does style manifest itself across a wide range of subjects and evolve over time and experience? From serious reportage to contemplative colour images, signature ideas of geometry and intensity run throughout Hutchings’s work despite changing motivations and influences.

“On the face of it, there appears to be a radical contradiction between the early and mid-career reportage and the form and content of my pictures today, as if they were the work of different people. Yet, when I consider the historic assignments, it is evident that today’s concerns of geometry and meaning have identifiable roots in the previous bodies of work and are natural descendants.” - Roger Hutchings.

Opening times:
Monday-Friday: 11am-7pm
Saturday: 8 and 22 April only, 11am-4pm
Closed Easter weekend: 14-17 April
Free and open to all.