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26 Apr 2017

5.30pm to 7.30pm

PLURAL FUTURES #4 UNLOCKING CONVERSATIONS will present the findings and methodologies explored during two local encounters focussing on CSM’s relationship with the changing landscapes of Kings Cross and Regent’s Canal.  Artist Collective's Temporary Action Studio [TAS] and They are Here will run a workshop exploring ways to continue the conversations and develop proposals for the inaugural Annual Canal Festival in June 2017.

During UAL Green week TAS [Georgia Jacob in collaboration with artist William Bock] and Camley Street Natural Reserve, ran a series of pairing conversations between members of the CSM community and volunteers and staff of the charity. 

Drawing inspiration from the theme of these conversations, the next stage of Unlocking Conversations is to experiment with different mapping techniques along the canal and its surrounding environments.This will offer us new insights into the complexities of the are and engage us in thinking of the performance of place.

They are Here [ Harun Morrison and Helen Walker ] presented, 
The Drunken Boat #1 an event that brought together boaters and canal-enthusiasts to discuss the intersection of the canals, politics, urbanism and art. They will present their findings from the Boating community and continue the discussion in the new context of the Art School with reference to CSM's location adjacent to the canal.

In June  2017, this project will be part of an annual Canal Festival and we are looking to continue the maps begun in the Plural Futures workshop with the participation and input of CSM students and the festivals audience. Along with participative mapping workshops we are also interested in collaborating with a group of students on a series of small interventions for the festival.

During Plural futures you will be asked to explore and embed yourself in the location and collaborate in he making of a series of maps.We have devised this session as explorative research in which tangible outcomes are encouraged. We are particularly interested in people who can also commit to volunteering on the project during the festival in June. 

 Refreshments and materials will be provided.