Research Methods Seminar 2: Relational Practice

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19 Apr 2017

3pm to 5pm

Relational Practice

Dr Katrine Hjelde, Chelsea College of Arts, UAL

Research through practice can be seen, like all research, to be relational in nature, meaning contingent and dependent on other practices, research and knowledge. In this seminar Katrine Hjelde will look at more explicitly relational models for research as developed from Relational Art practices (Bourriaud) and found, for instance, in works undertaken as part of the Educational Turn in the art world. Artists and researchers are consciously developing relational research practices and methodologies which can be seen to challenge some of the definitions and conceptions of research as developed from scientific models.

About the series
This year's Teaching and Learning Exchange research seminar series includes a rich mix of contributions that have been designed to explore ways of drawing from diverse disciplinary expertise in order to study aspects of pedagogic or professional practice. 

Who should attend?
The series is designed both for colleagues on the Teaching and Learning Exchange MA Academic Practice in Arts, Design and Communication, and for anyone in the wider UAL community with an interest in approaches to research relating to arts education or academic practice themes.  

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