other way round

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07 Mar - 09 Mar 2017

12pm to 6pm

other way round can mean many things: is it that we have gone the wrong way and should recalculate our itinerary? Or that we are on our way to totally uncharted territory? In this case, we are attempting to make visible diverse approaches to practice-based research. This 1st year PhD students’ exhibition brings together samples of research practice from very different fields, and tries to grow conversations from them. Spanning over fine arts, design and curating, the confrontation of this diverse work in one common space aims to create meaning from these impromptu interactions. By crystallising our ongoing practice at an arbitrary moment in
the PhD journey, we hope to offer a view of the research process and learn from it, as much as we hope to provide food for thought.

All exhibits will be on display 7-9th March 12-6pm. If you wish to attend scheduled events, please refer to this programme.

Event Program

Tuesday 7th March


Neil Farnan
Monopoly to Utopoly - a utopian exchange

The board game Monopoly encapsulates key features of our economy and celebrates some of its worst aspects. This ubiquitous game normalises socially useless rentier behaviour, although the intention of the original version was to do the opposite. Join us in evaluating this particular economic model and engage with new values, properties and currencies to design a more utopian economy. Or pop in later to have fun playing the redesigned Utopoly game.

Wednesday 8th March


Ana Teles
Copying, transcribing, mimicking, repeating artists’ paintings

During the period of the exhibition, Ana T. will be engaging in conversations with artists negotiating her approach to the copying of their work.


Emma Gradin
Slow Work

What is time? What is worth taking time over? An open conversation with a group of people including artists, activists, anthropologists. 

Thursday 9th March

Laetitia Forst
Textiles for Disassembly

Design for disassembly exists in everyday products so as to allow for easy recycling. The visitors are invited to reflect on how it can be applied to their own consumption habits and influence their perception of materials.

Timothy Smith

An audiovisual dialogue. 

6-8pm   Closing reception