ACTS RE-ACTS 4: Performance Lab - 3 March

Hibbett & Smith, Scary Monsters And Super Creeps

03 Mar 2017

2pm to 9pm

Wimbledon College of Arts: Performance Laboratory

Friday 3 March, 2 - 9pm

Provisional Schedule:
Time: 14:00    
Venue: Studio Theatre
Performance: Richmond & Richmond, Violent State
Violent State is a collaborative practice as research project investigating violence, taking a particular incident from the artists’ past, 29 years ago when a young women was running for her life and sought sanctuary in their home.
This will be a performance lecture seeking to braid subjugated (performance) and legitimised (lecture) knowledges. Following the thinking of Dwight Conquergood who considered braiding as the radical research so necessary to re-invigorate (re-imagine) the academy and the art form.
The performance will investigate memory as hauntings, image making, bread making and meaning making through a constellation of thinking and doing.
There will be turning and re-turning to critical discourse attempting to explain why it is important to speak from the inside of the making. Richmond & Richmond ‘will be looking to Denkbild, Walter Benjamin, Tim Ingold and Emmanuel Levinas, to help us ... because we need to talk about violence’.

Time: 15:00
Venue: Gallery
Performance: FIVE, Obscura
Recipients of the Wimbledon College of Arts' Trustees' Prize, FIVE are Stage 2 students Alistair Blake, Charlotte Flower, Agata Hofman, Joanna Martin and Joanna Turland. Here they present the outcome of a short residency spent experimenting with camera obscura and 3d projections.
Time: 16:00
Venue: Studio Theatre
Performance: Paul Tarrago, SKIPPER (mistic speech)
Paul Tarrago presents a single screen HD projection with live voice over lasting 12.5 mins. The video content of the piece is a portfolio of domestic experiments around representation ­ of moments of crisis and revelation ­ interwoven with the narrative of a moth’s emergence from beneath the earth, its journey around the house, to a moment of contemplation as it observes the overhead passing of Skylab.
The accompanying prose­poem assumes the moth’s voice, though again there are some issues around representation and authorship (most notably whether this is in fact the filmmaker pretending to be a moth).
The piece is equal parts formal visual exploration, experimental glee, and neo­absurdist poetry.
Time: 17:00
Venue: Gallery
Performance: Mark Hibbett & Tom Smith, Scary Monsters And Super Creeps
The world is run by Supermen ­ insanely powerful beings disguising themselves as Clark Kents in order to be accepted by ordinary mortals. The rest of us are Spider­man ­ nervous geeks who put on a mask in order to be the brave and funny heroes we need to be to get through life.
For 'Acts Re­Acts 4' visual artist Tom Smith and musician MJ Hibbett present a 35 minute conversation in three parts, discussing the secret identities we all choose to inhabit.

Time: 18:30
Venue: Studio Theatre
Performance: Jane Collins, Anecdotal Evidence
University of the Arts Professorial Platform
Professor Jane Collins presents ‘Tales from the stage edge. A journey from acting to performance towards scenography’.
The lecture will be followed by a drinks reception in the foyer.
Booking essential.

Click here for ACTS RE-ACTS 4: Performance Laboratory  - Schedule for Saturday 4 March, 1 - 8pm

Dates: 20 February - 17 March 2017
Performance Lab: Friday 3 & Saturday 4 March 2017 from 2pm

Acts Re-Acts 4 Contributors include: 

Denise Ackerl, Lucy Algar & Kirill Burlov, Bruce Barber, Jane Collins, Amanda Couch, Julie Groves, Jamie Harper, Mark Hibbett & Tom Smith, Kate Lane, Richard Layzell, Richmond & Richmond, John Strutton & Riccardo Carbone, Paul Tarrago, Jennet Thomas

About Acts Re-Acts:
“It feels like there is still room for genuine subversiveness within performance [practice]. For someone from Fine Art, part of the excitement and the openness is being the amateur next to someone working with a kind of Theatre.”
Curator Sarah McRory speaking about the work of Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, interviewed by Lois Rowe at ICA as part of Performance Management, February 2016.
Acts Re-Acts, a laboratory of performance, new media, workshops, lectures, discussions, events, interventions, seminars and installations, returns for a fourth year to take place at Wimbledon Space between 20 February – 17 March 2017. This year Acts Re-Acts will take the form of an intensive two-day laboratory of selected performances on Friday 3 and Saturday 4 March. Four week-long residencies will run Monday – Friday between 20 February – 17 March.
The programme will include 'Anecdotal Evidence', the Professorial Platform of Jane Collins, Professor of Theatre and Performance, Wimbledon College of Arts on Friday 3 March.
Curated by the Acts Re-Acts Creative Team: Simon Betts, Jane Collins, Lois Rowe, Esther Armstrong, Peter Farley.
Image: Hibbett & Smith, Kanye West - Super Creep