Art is Not a Commodity: Seminar with Dave Beech

KP Brehmer Real Capital Production 1974

17 Feb 2017

3pm to 6pm

In his recent book ‘Art and Value’, Dave Beech examines the idea that art is not a standard commodity. In this seminar, Beech will work with a small group to elucidate the new ideas about the relationship of art and the commodity that are presented in his book and their implications for the theory and practice of art.

This event is co-organised with Valand Academy and presented by Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon Graduate School Public Programme. Held in association with the Institute of Contemporary Arts London.

You might be interested in attending the follow-up symposium Art is Not a Commodity: Art & Economic Exceptionalism, which will take place on Saturday, 18 February at the ICA. 

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Image: KP Brehmer 'Real Capital Production' (1974)