Attainment and Micro-affirmation

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15 Dec 2017

10am to 12pm

This workshop will focus on a series of anonymised case studies of UAL students, drawing on Mary Rowe’s (2008) concept of micro-affirmation defined as, ‘apparently small acts, which are often ephemeral and hard-to-see, events that are public and private, often unconscious but very effective, which occur wherever people wish to help others to succeed’.
The aim of the workshop is to deepen reflection on day-to-day interactions with students and develop understanding of the cumulative effect these have on attainment.

Dr Duna Sabri is a Researcher, UAL Institutional Projects.   She conducted the longitudinal research study on students’ experience and identity is this year offering a series of short specialist workshops exploring the research findings and their practical implications.  Each workshop stands alone.  Those wishing to attend more than one in the series can do so in any order or location.   

Who should attend 
Any UAL staff with a teaching and learning related role.