LCF Archives: Silent Sessions

blakc and white image of several individuals in uniform, most likely students, examining garments on a headless manequin

07 Nov 2017

6pm to 7.30pm

While the Object Based Learning group encourages participants to discuss what they see, in the ‘Silent Sessions’ we seek to inspire participants to hone their observation skills and practice ‘slow looking’. For each session, a selection of objects from the LCF Archives collections are displayed in the space, either individually or in groups, and participants work independently to collate information on and react to what they see. Some sessions are run specifically as life drawing groups (with the models replaced by objects…), with support and material on hand, but the intention is for participants to feel free to document their observations in whatever form most suits them – for instance, while some attendees might want to sketch, others may want to write logs or draft object labels about what they can see.

While these sessions are ‘silent’ (perhaps not quite literally..!) to encourage participants to work individually, the groups do tend to discuss their work and findings over a glass of wine at the end. 

Spaces are limited - to reserve a place, please contact Susanna Cordner