Interview Skills - CSM

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27 Nov 2017

2.45pm to 4pm

You got this.
This workshop aims to build confidence and will help you prepare for a number of interview scenarios. It shares practical tips to help with rapport and articulation, as well as how to keep clarity in your answers whilst under pressure.
Through short exercises, you will learn how to identify your distinct - attributes, skills, and experiences. And, how to answer questions effectively and convincingly in the context of an interview.
The Interview Skills session is for individuals who may find themselves in an interview situation one day. Either for long or short term employment, funding, residencies, commissions or to gain a project contract. The session will:

- Demystify current, popular questioning techniques
- Provide insight from the interviewer’s point of view
- Pass on a number of professional tips
- Show you methods to help prepare
- Introduce ways to learn through reflection
- Share practices that might help ease additional nerves

There will be plenty of time for questions - further support and resources will be signposted throughout.
The session will be led and facilitated by CSM's dedicated Employability Practitioner and is organised by the Careers and Employability team.
This event is open to ALL students and graduates from ALL UAL colleges.

Interview Skills is part of a series of free workshops offered at CSM on Monday the 27th, look out for CareerLAB as well as CV's and Job Hunting.