Artists as Curators

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27 Nov 2017

5.30pm to 7pm

Monday Guest Lecture and Book Launch in collaboration with Afterall:

Author and curator Elena Filipovic in dialogue with Lucy Steeds, Reader in Art Theory and Exhibition Histories at Central Saint Martins.
Elena will introduce and discuss the subject of her recent book in Afterall’s One Work series: David Hammons’s Bliz-aard Ball Sale, an unannounced action in which the artist peddled snowballs on the streets of New York in 1983.
Lucy Steeds will present and analyse the focus of a book in Afterall’s Exhibition Histories series: ‘an Exhibit’, the maze-like installation built by artists Richard Hamilton and Victor Pasmore, with the writerly involvement of Lawrence Alloway, first in Newcastle with the help of art students in 1957, before its transfer to the ICA in London.

Uniting these two artistic case studies, and opening up to further examples, Elena and Lucy will debate the history of artists as curators. Specifically, Elena will draw on her work for The Apparently Marginal Activities of Marcel Duchamp (The MIT Press, 2016) and her edited volume The Artist as Curator (Mousse Publishing, 2017) to which Lucy contributed.