Acceleration, Communication, Fashion

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15 Nov 2017

2pm to 5pm

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was always central to the dynamism of modernity across culture and society, technology and economy. However, under digitized near-instantaneity, areas as disparate as communications, relations to nature, labour, finance and politics have reached an unsustainable rate of the social acceleration of change.

Fashion, site of the industrialised production of the new as symbolic, material and economic value, is a key nexus of acceleration, where technology and aesthetics, text and textile, labour and retail meet embodiment in everyday life.

What can fashion tell us about this post- or late-modern excess of action over sense?

What can an engagement with the wider social contexts and political economy of digitally mediated acceleration bring fashion studies?

How can we critically reconceive the relation between fashion and acceleration to ground sustainable temporalities in the fullest sense: non-exploitative, non-fetishised, non-polluting or depleting, socially inclusive, emancipatory?

To address these questions, invited speaker Professor Christian Fuchs joins Dr. Agnès Rocamora and Dr. Tony Sullivan, bringing the critical political economy of digital communications approach he has developed at the University of Westminster into dialogue with fashion studies approaches to media and manufacture developed at London College of Fashion.

Invited Speaker

Professor Christian Fuchs, Director of the University of Westminster’s Institute of Advanced Studies and Communication and Media Research Institute will present on the political economy of acceleration in the digitally mediated public sphere.


Dr. Agnès Rocamora, Reader in Social and Cultural Studies at the London College of Fashion will discuss acceleration in digital fashion media

Dr. Tony Sullivan, Senior Lecturer, Cultural and Historical Studies, London College of Fashion will discuss labour exploitation under the accelerating cycles of fast fashion


Rupert Waldron, International Academic Coordinator, School of Media and Communications, London College of Fashion

Illustration: Fragments (detail): LCF BA Fashion Illustration alumnus Spiros Halaris. Copyright: Spiros Halaris.