LCF Archives: Spinning Yarns

colour photograph of a small shoe (brown and clearly quite old) against a white background

23 Oct 2017

6pm to 7.30pm

LCF Archives: Spinning Yarns - Object-based / Inspired Creative Writing

In a similar vein to the Silent Sessions, at the creative writing events a selection of archive objects are presented in the space, with no additional information or context provided. Participants are invited to observe the objects, and then either select one on which to focus or rotate throughout the session between different pieces. Instead of drawing or close observation, in these sessions the participants are encouraged to write short reaction pieces about the objects that they have selected. While some use this as an opportunity to practice label writing, others write prose or concoct a plot for a short story, using the object as their inspiration point. At the end of the session, over a glass of wine participants share their (often very differing) object interpretations, before the session leader ‘reveals’ the ‘real’ history to each piece (where this is known).

Spaces are limited - to book, please email Susanna Cordner